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Love Renewed Digital Download Now Free

Love Renewed is all about change. And change can be good.

We as a team are thrilled to be able to make a change that we trust will benefit many. The Love Renewed lessons are now freely available in a downloadable format. All you have to do is request a copy!

When we started, the CDs had to be printed and reprinted as well as posted, all of which were costly. Over time we found that many ladies no longer had CD players and therefore could not listen to the lessons. Now with the downloadable format, it can be sent anywhere in South and abroad free of charge and played from your laptop or iPhone.

We still encourage you to do the lessons in a group and to print out the manual. The manual is a summary of the lesson but more important are the scriptures which pertain to each lesson and are found in the manual. Principles are good but it is only when you read and absorb God’s word that deep change takes place. His word is alive and penetrates to divide soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. The word of God is so much more than principles, examples and stories. The scriptures reveal Christ and work in us to bring change.

The team in Cape Town is still there, meeting once a month and available to help and to pray should you wish to contact them.

We encourage you to order your free downloadable version today!

Love Renewed Topics Include

  • Truth Established. Start with what you’ve got.
  • Clearing Offences. A heart change from the inside out.
  • Eternal Values. A solid foundation of God’s truth
  • Made in His Image. Part 1. How we see ourselves. Part 2. The power of the tongue.
  • True Intimacy. The giving of self.
  • Our True Design. Neither a doormat nor a control freak.
  • Joy and Peace in the Home. Part 1. Preparing children for life, God’s way. Part 2. Joy in the home.

How does it work?

Love Renewed is a teaching ministry based on the word of God and His timeless principles. The course is designed to help women find their true identity in Christ. It offers many practical teachings for understanding our God-given role as women, for building meaningful, lasting relationships while creating joyful and happy homes.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the pressure of daily life, confused by all the information that is available these days, perhaps feeling misunderstood or even unloved and not knowing where to find help?

Do you sometimes feel that you are alone and the problems you face are unique, that nobody understands? The truth is that the trials, troubles and difficulties you face are common to us all!

Love Renewed seeks to address these issues by showing that, as we follow God’s principles, understanding His blueprint for life; we can enjoy a fulfilled, happy and blessed life as we become the women he created us to be.

These teachings are not super -spiritual but contain practical workable principles. They are intended to be fun not heavy. Each class affords women an opportunity to examine their own lives and invites them to open their hearts to the Holy Spirit and allow Him into their situations.

This course is not about changing others; it’s about changing ourselves. We start with what we’ve got and grow from there.

Courses Facilitators

Cape Town
Therina Roussouw – 071 679 5372
Plumstead, Trudy Rich – 084 445 5267
Constantia, Marion Cook – 083 720 1010
Helene de Jager – 082 821 0168
Elaine Mouton – diekunsklas@gmail.com
Rosebank Union Church, Sally Herbert – 082 372 3787
Henley on Thames
Jane Flack – 07887 486 482

Dawn Schofield – 07565 252 046


I just love Love Renewed!  I’m half way through the series and will start passing it along to the other women this week. It is really lovely!! I know you said you don’t know much about the School of Supernatural Ministry but your teachings are exactly that! But you and Dawn take it a step further with sharing your experiences and practical advice. And your accent is so soothing to listen to. I can’t say enough about it! Thank you so much for bringing this to me. I can’t wait to listen to the last 4 lessons.

Carina Reed

I with another Facilitator are leading a group of ladies using the very exciting new Love Renewed Course. It is for 7 weeks which is so doable. The friends one makes are very special and seeing the benefits in our lives as we put it all into practice is thrilling.I am excited and feel privileged to be leading this group of ladies.

Marion Cook

I really wanted to thank you for the lovely course – I so enjoyed it and learnt a lot and will continue to do so in the coming months. I keep my notes next to my bed and read through them quite regularly also the bible verses sometimes are so ‘right’ at the right time. You presented it so beautifully – made everyone feel at ease just by knowing that sometimes we are all in the same boat. Thank you and God bless.

Denise Law

The Word of God

A teaching ministry based on the word of God and His timeless principles

True identity

Designed to help woman find their true identity in Christ

Meaningful & lasting relationships

Building meaningful, lasting relationships while creating joyful and happy homes


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