We are a team dispersed throughout South Africa. Each one of us has experienced the great benefits that these lessons have brought us personally. Our homes are established on these Godly principles. This does not mean that we have not had trials and troubles but rather armed with the truth of God’s word, we have been equipped to deal with our issues in a Godly way and have enjoyed the Godly outcome.

So often women do not know where to turn when things start to go wrong. Some will seek counseling while others will struggle along wondering why they just cannot get their life together when everyone around them seems to be coping just fine. These lessons give answers to so many problems and provide an opportunities to hear solutions without the need to seek professional help. And should you need professional help they will have equipped you with an attitude that will enable you to deal more readily with that help.

As we said, it is about changing you and when you change many, many things change around you.


Jane Flack Jane Flack

I was married at 20 and confess I did not have a clue. Marriage was easy until the little people arrived. Suddenly my husband and I did not see eye to eye. Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin, changed my thinking. Philosophy of Christian Womanhood established a sound foundation of God’s ways and Renewing Love strengthened those sound principles. Without those sound principles I would never have enjoyed the 44 years of marriage that I have. My husband, my children have all been blessed. Love Renewed highlights those timeless, priceless principles.


Dawn Schofield Dawn Schofield

The priceless principles shared in Love-renewed really work. I have been living by them for the past 42 years, have a wonderful marriage, been blessed with two wonderful children and four grand-children. These Principles are life changing and I encourage everyone to understand God’s ways and allow Him to bring about the changes necessary for you to live a fulfilled and blessed life.


Marion Cook Marion Cook

For me realizing that God had created me and that I had no right to criticize what God had made, helped me to accept myself. I also benefited greatly from learning not to want to be in control of my husband but letting him be the man God wanted him to be. What resulted was peace in the home. I am so grateful for these Godly principles based on scripture.


Marianna Mathiesen Marianna Mathiesen

Love Renewed is life changing! Biblical principals ‘come to life’ in everyday situations. The teachings are solid and sound, the applications varied and soon produce positive results. In my own life the areas of acceptance, forgiveness and appreciation towards God and my husband has been majorly impacted. Look into this and experience the excitement for yourself !


Trudy Rich Trudy Rich

I found this course so inspiring and refreshing. The talks were short and the reading material was enough to get us to look within ourselves and to see where changes needed to be made…Again!! I particularly enjoyed the testimonies you ladies shared together with other real life examples . The interaction and stories shared by the ladies were amazing . In each lesson we were certainly challenged to apply the bible principles and went home really encouraged and inspired by the talk, testimonies, bible readings, prayer and encouragement. And for the record I am practising the pause. I would encourage those who have done this bible study before to do it again.