I with another Facilitator are leading a group of ladies using the very exciting new Love Renewed Course. It is for 7 weeks which is so doable. The friends one makes are very special and seeing the benefits in our lives as we put it all into practice is thrilling.I am excited and feel privileged to be leading this group of ladies.
Marion Cook
I really wanted to thank you for the lovely course – I so enjoyed it and learnt a lot and will continue to do so in the coming months. I keep my notes next to my bed and read through them quite regularly also the bible verses sometimes are so ‘right’ at the right time. You presented it so beautifully – made everyone feel at ease just by knowing that sometimes we are all in the same boat. Thank you and God bless.
Denise Law
I would like to thank you for the good way in which you taught these lessons.eight years ago I did a similar course and I realized that the devil had had a field day with me. now  after the second time of hearing these principles I realize how much authority I have over my own life and how to put it into practice in a loving and compassionate way. “I was dead but now I live  because I know who I am in Christ” ——finally!
Absolutely anointed! I needed some challenging!
My husband did not know what hit him! In turn his behaviour towards me is changing for the better. Moreover we are growing in our marriage as a Christian couple. Praise the Lord for courses like this and wonderful godly women who are prepared to invest their time and effort in women’s ministry. Thank you both for a life changing course.
I feel this course will help all women. I enjoyed every minute! I have a brother living a very alternate lifestyle and I found the truth taught very helpful. I have a 26 year old son and the last lesson gave me much food for thought. The doormat lesson was a great help. Learning about relationships has helped me to deal with difficult siblings.
I have been blessed by this course. Thank you.