Topics Include

  • Truth Established. Start with what you’ve got.
  • Clearing Offences. A heart change from the inside out.
  • Eternal Values. A solid foundation of God’s truth
  • Made in His Image. Part 1. How we see ourselves. Part 2. The power of the tongue.
  • True Intimacy. The giving of self.
  • Our True Design. Neither a doormat nor a control freak.
  • Joy and Peace in the Home. Part 1. Preparing children for life, God’s way. Part 2. Joy in the home.


How does it Work?

The lessons can be listened to on an audio CD while following the message in a comprehensive notebook designed to remind you of what was said plus an additional information that we found helpful.

Each lesson is no more than 1 hour long and can be enjoyed as a class or individually.

As a class, a monitor or facilitator will run the lessons and be available to manage discussion afterwards. Any questions that come up and are perhaps difficult to answer can be sent in to us and we will do our best to help you. We have all found that doing these lessons as a group is much more fun and you learn from one another. It creates real fellowship. But having said that if time does not allow for you to meet up with others we have even had great feedback from women who have played the CDs in their car and managed to cover the lessons that way.

The CD’s can be obtained from us at the cost of R400.00 including postage to anywhere in South Africa.

Seven CDs contain the lessons while the eighth CD contains the manual, a letter explaining the course, an invitation and a pamphlet. You will be able to print out however many manuals you require for your group. You can then use your CDs to run as many courses as you wish.

On obtaining the CDs you accept and agree not to copy the CDs nor change the manual.

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