It is with great sadness that I write this tribute to our precious sister Ursula. Sadly, she passed away on the 14th July 2020. We can only imagine how difficult this must be for her life partner Radley who she had been married to for 53 years.
Ursula was a real pioneer and was instrumental in establishing the ministry of Renewing Love in South Africa. Her ministry was a reflection of her love for Jesus Christ, and then her love for Radley her husband and her family. She was committed to encouraging every woman to attend the Renewing Love course as she had experienced first hand its life changing influence in her own life. She had the support of Radley in a unique and amazing way. I have heard rumour, from sound source, that Radley would drive Ursula to her meeting of an evening and wait for her while she poured herself out to all the ladies attending. That was a long wait!

She was persistent and I know invited ladies more than once if they said no, but once they had said yes, they often went back to do the lessons two and three times more. Many of the ladies became Renewing Love monitors after enjoying Ursula’s wonderful presentation. Pat Heritage enjoyed a course with her, became a wonderful monitor herself and formed a close friendship with Ursula for over 30 years. Barbara Haefele repeated the lessons three times and then went on to become a facilitator for many, many years, leading Renewing Love with Marion Cook and Sonya Joubert in Cape Town. Shannon Crompton who has written a little piece herself was introduced to Renewing Love by Ursula and she herself went on to run so many courses. This precious woman Ursula made such an impact on countless woman’s lives. Her ministry was like a stone being thrown into a pond and rippling out to touch places that may never be fully appreciated.

We may not know but we do know that God saw every big and small act of obedience and kindness that Ursula performed, and He knows all our lives that have been blessed and enriched by her. And how grateful we are.

Later Radley and Ursula gave us all their support in creating the Love Renewed course. They understood the need for change but more than that they too understood that we could not afford to lose those priceless principles. They prayed for us and went out of their way to encourage us.

Ursula Spencer Wilson you have been an amazing woman of significance. We are so sad, but we know that today you are with the Jesus you loved so much.

From Shannon Crompton
I had the privilege of being introduced to the Renewing Love course by Ursula Spencer Wilson. It was truly a life changing experience. Ursula was so gentle, kind knowledgeable and loved the Lord with all her heart. She had a passion for serving the Lord and loved the calling of ministering to woman. She was so principled and true to the word of word. She has left a legacy of how God destined relationships be fruitful and fulfilling.