I am so aware today of many beautiful, special, lovely women who feel like failures, are hurt and even ashamed because their marriage has landed in divorce or perhaps is just not happy.

Sometimes those of us who have been married for a long time can be quite smug – “Oh I have been married for 50 years.” Please don’t get me wrong I think that is awesome but is it because you did everything right, studied Love Renewed, obeyed all the rules, applied all the principles … praise God they help, but praise God it is His grace that sustains us, strengthens us and enables us. And thank you to husbands willing to commit and fight for the marriage too. There is no formulae but there is God. God ordained marriage and is involved when invited in every home. He is also involved in every life surrendered to Him no matter our marital status.

Sometimes marriages go awry, and couples split. They may look back and see why – sometimes recognizing that nothing could have made it work – or sorry because maybe with a little more maturity it could have been saved.

But what ever the situation there is a way forward and we are called to encourage each other to move on. Build where you can and repair where you can … allow yourself and others to heal. We only have to look at the woman at the well. She had tried marriage, lived with others and was still not on solid ground. What did Jesus do? Spoke to her, encouraged her, forgave her and told her to move on.

May we encourage each other to move on. To move on God’s way. Start where you are. I don’t know how young you are or how old, but I do know that you only have one life. You are valuable to God and therefore every day – starting with today – you and your life is worth so much, not to be wasted. Imagine if the Apostle Paul had thought, oh no! I am far too wicked, done terrible things God can never use me. We would not have almost 2/3 rds of the New Testament.

You are valuable and an instrument of peace in the hands of God – whatever your marital status, age or position in life, move on and let God use you to His glory. He changes us all as we yield to Him, as we trust Him and commit to following Him.

If you are married and happy and thriving – bless those around you and help them. If you are divorced make sure you have forgiven and reach out to strengthen others. Your wisdom could be so helpful. If you are single, you are equally valuable and have so much to share. What ever your status you have a God who will continually fill your basket with fresh bread and use you to encourage and strengthen others.

Knowing Christ does not make us perfect or better but it does make us saved and knowing Him, we have so much to give others. Let our lives point to Jesus, He is the one who saves and sets free, equips and sends out.

Love Renewed with all its imperfection is touching lives … not because we did a great job but because a GREAT GOD uses our humble attempts, multiplies and works through them.

Father we are your daughters and are so grateful for all that you have done. Fill us with your wisdom, your joy and equip us that we may point to Jesus, our Lord and saviour. May we celebrate the good news of your gospel and spread truth, truth that heals and liberates and transforms. Amen!