Gateway News by Clementia Pae

Everything rises and falls with marriage and family

Many of us (ministers of the Gospel), when it comes to the story of Adam and Eve, and how sin came into the earth through this couple, we tend to spend time trying to interrogate and explain, as to who was supposed to be blamed between these two individuals.

Was it Eve? Because she was the one who was first to fall into deception from the serpent? She disobeyed the Lord and was not submissive to her husband, by agreeing to eat the forbidden fruit, which she later gave to her husband?

Or was it Adam who sinned, because He was the husband, the head and the leader, and instead of being present to lead, save and protect the wife from the serpent, he was passive and absent? And when coming back, he did not ask where the fruit came from, he just joined the wife in the sin?

Asking these questions above, so we can play a blame-game, has not and will never take us anywhere. On the other hand we can benefit much, if we use this lesson from this couple to understand the dangers of disobeying God, as well as to understand the roles and the order within the marriage itself. We also need to start seeing this couple in God’s image, as ONE and with a great purpose, as God had created them. Genesis 1:26-31; Genesis 2:18-25; Ephesians 5:21-33

The biggest part that we miss in this truth, is that God had planned to usher-in His kingdom on earth, through the union of a marriage. He could not use Adam alone to achieve His plan of multiplication and subduing the earth. He made sure that He gave Adam a perfect companion, before He could fully release the purpose. From this one person, that is Adam, God made them male and female. In other words, they were one person, made in God’s image and inseparable, until sin came (Genesis 3

This tells us that when Eve sinned, Adam sinned; when Adam sinned, Eve sinned. Yes, they sinned individually, but they were within a marriage, they were one. Sin not only broke their relationship with God, but sin brought with it, hardship, turmoil, sorrow, darkness, shame, gloom, all kinds of negativity and unfortunate situations.

We see this with the very first thing that happened after they were banished from Eden. They still bore children, but one of them (Cain), became a murderer. One of the sour fruits today, that resulted from the fall in the garden of Eden is divorce. Adam and Eve’s marriage bed with God was defiled in Eden, and so is their marriage bed with one another. Therefore, because of Adam’s sin, mankind lost the relationship with the creator. The marriage covenant between God and men was broken.

This meant that the kingdom of God could no longer be ushered unto the planet earth, as it is in heaven, and as God had initially intended it to be. The government of God on earth was lost through this one marriage. Purpose was lost, the womb was defiled and the Holy seed (godly generations) were lost.

This is what the Lord wants to redeem. His relationship with mankind, and His government on earth through the order of marriage and family. The other parts of His government will follow suit.

God is a God of families and generations. Throughout Scripture we see that, again and again, God used a man, and his family, to establish a covenant and usher-in a new order.

When He was about to destroy the earth because of wickedness of men, in Genesis 6, 7 and 8, He found one righteous man and He saved this man, Noah and his family and shut them inside the ark. He could not save Noah alone, because after the flood He wanted to continue His mandate through family. Multiplication had to continue. His government had to be established on earth.

In the books of Genesis 12, 15, 17 & 21, God separated Abram from His family (that is, from his relatives), in order to establish a covenant with him, and make him a father of nations. He took him with his wife and nephew, Lot. Even when Sarah herself tried to make a plan through Hagar, because of disobedience and lack of faith, the Lord remained in His original plan for them, that through their union God would raise up a righteous generation

After God saw that no one was capable or worthy to be used to save mankind and usher-in His government on earth fully, as originally intended, God Himself decided to come and die for us, for mankind, and establish an everlasting covenant. He sent His son, Jesus Christ, the ultimate sacrifice, to die upon the cross, and purchase us with His blood, to be a kingdom and a priest to serve our God.

Even though born of a virgin, Mary, Jesus was born through a family structure. If this order and government method was not important, God could have taken the virgin and used her on her own, since it appeared that Joseph was not used anyway in the pregnancy. Mary was overshadowed by the power from on high and became pregnant. However, Joseph remained a husband to marry and an earthly father to Jesus. Jesus came to establish a new covenant, through the order of Melchizedek, and to restore the Kingdom and the order that was lost.

Was this order understood by the Church? Who is, or where is the Church today?

It was on September 28 last year, the day of the burial of the late President Robert Mugabe that a shift took place, noted by those within the Church/Ecclesia who understood the times, and had been praying, because they knew the transition that our continent was going through. Every time a leader of that calibre is laid to rest, a certain shift takes place in the spirit realm, whether for the good or for the bad, depending on the nature of that leader, that is, if they served God or the enemy.

In other words, certain mantles are released when leaders have passed-on or are laid to rest. So, it was on this day, and the week preceding the funeral. The contention for destinies of peoples and nations, in the spirit, called for much vigilance. It was rife, but the people of God were praying.

Many good things took place on that day, but so did many bad ones. Good things in that the Church stood in unison with God and with one another, and said: “New and righteous governments must be born in Africa. New mantles of righteousness must be born. Africa must turn back to God. Destinies of nations in Africa must be redeemed.”

As a result of these prayers, which involved a lot of repentance and warfare, there was certainly a shift in the heavenlies, for the establishment and the advancement of the Kingdom of God. On the other hand, however, the enemies of God also stood, working to birth or continue the legacy of ungodliness in our continent. As a result, a couple of unfortunate things took place as well, even though the Church was praying.

I then went in before the Lord to esquire, “Why?” “Why are these bad things still happening, even though the Church has prayed?” Then the Lord said to me: “It is all about My marriage with My Bride. If My Bride, the Church, would truly marry Me. And I, her Maker, become her one and only Husband; if she would give of herself fully and completely to Me, dedicate her life and being to My course, then your land, your nation South Africa, the nations in the continent of Africa and the nations of the earth would be saved.”

As I was pondering this, it became clear that it is the unfaithfulness and the adultery of the Bride of Christ, the Church that causes the purposes of God to be delayed in fulfillment, and the power within the Church itself to be weakened. I knew from this moment that we, the Church would need a certain level of grace, a certain level of revelation and a certain level of commitment, in order to come to what the Lord truly desires for us and our nations.

I had read the book of Hosea many times throughout my journey with the Lord. However, at this moment, I began to see it differently, and on another level.

In the book of Hosea, when the nation of Israel committed adultery against the Lord, the Lord used Hosea to reveal the state of the nation. Hosea had to marry an adulterous wife, and love her, even through betrayal and pain. Hosea with his wife went on to bear adulterous children. Through Hosea’s life and suffering, the Lord was revealing His love for Israel (His adulterous wife). That even though she had done all this against Him, His redeeming love and grace was still sufficient for her. So, it is with us, the Church, the Body of Christ.

The Lord continued to say: “I have raised up a remnant, which I will use to fulfil My purpose. This remnant will go into the next decade with great joy, and be led forth with peace, the mountains and the hills will sing for joy before her, and the trees of the forest will clap their hands. Sounds of victory will resound in her tent. These are the ones who have walked with Me, suffered with Me, felt My heartbeat, bared my scars, known My voice, and have never denied Me. These will be a sign to many, of just what happens when one is married to her Maker. And a sign of those who commune with Him daily.

“These are the ones whom I will give a new and clean garment, because of their righteous acts. They will bear much fruit in this End-Time harvest. They will restore the marriage and family womb, and this will be their top priority, because it was through marriage where My image, My intimacy, My order and My government were lost. My Church is in families, and not in buildings. Before anyone becomes a president, a businessman, a fruitful minister, an educator, or even a thief, they are first a family member.”

Blessed are they who are invited to the wedding supper of the lamb

During December 2019, I was holidaying with my family in the Eastern Cape when I received an invitation to attend an ordination at Vuka Africa Foundation in Johannesburg on December 14. The Lord had spoken about this sometime at the beginning of the year. That He would ordain His people, so that they can go and take dominion in the seven gates of influence / mountains of society.

However, when it was now time for it to happen, I was far away on holiday, and I thought to myself: “Aaah, the Lord knows that I wanted to be there, however, time and distance is just not allowing me now.”

However, deep inside of me, I just knew that God was doing a new thing, and I had to be there. That evening I could not sleep. I had a dream just like little Samuel, where God was calling me, and showing me, again and again that I must attend the ordination and rededication. He was doing a new thing, unlike any other before.

Of course, because of time, it was impossible for me to make it to Johannesburg from the Eastern Cape in less than four hours. However, God who knew everything in advance, in His grace, made provision for another day, for me to be there. He extended the invitation, and He kept on saying to me, “blessed are they who are invited to the wedding supper of the lamb.”

As I prepared for the journey to Johannesburg two weeks later, the Lord said: “Go with your children.” Finances were against me, but I had to obey. During the ordination service, that the Lord was so gracious enough to have me and my children attend, little did I know that the Lord had planned to ordain everyone present. Those who came to be ordained and those who were invited to support. The young and the old, were all ordained that day, as the Lord led the service. Even some of the ministers who had been ordained before, and had been leading their flocks for years, the Lord spoke to them and said, they must be ordained, because He was doing a new thing.

The Lord then continued to speak and said, each person, is created in His image, and He has called and ORDAINED every person from inside the womb (Jeremiah 1:4-12). Before each person is born, He is set apart, and is appointed as a prophet to the nations. This means that a person can fulfil God’s plan anywhere where the Lord has purposed them to be. They could be a prophet in the marketplace (that is, on the gate of economy and business), or on the gate of government and the judiciary, or on the gate of faith (that is, the Church), or family and generations, or education, or media and communications, or arts and celebration.

However, the Church has not understood this. All throughout generations, the Church has only been concerned about ordaining those who are called into the gate of faith (which is commonly known as the mountain of religion). In other words, we have been ordaining church ministers only. And the rest of the people’s callings were never recognised before.

What God has done in the womb, has been overlooked for centuries and generations. Hence the people have not been able to take dominion in the gates of influence/mountains of society, where the Lord has called them to. This ordination is, therefore, necessary for each person, to affirm that which God has already done in the womb. Regardless of their age, God wants to ordain His people, beginning with families.

This would not only restore and strengthen families and the Body of Christ, but the original mandate of God would be fully restored in its original order. The families and generations would wed Christ the groom, in preparation for His Second Coming, and the full consummation of the Kingdom. The dawning of the Son is upon us Church.

As a person who was raised in a family of ancestral worshipers, and had to go through a long and gruesome journey of deliverance, after receiving Christ, I know that while we, the Church, are busy with doctrines that prevent the ordination of our marriages, families and children, on the other hand, the enemy is not wasting any time. He is waiting before the woman who is about to give birth, in order to devour her male child, the minute He is born (Revelation 12).

The enemy dedicates and ordains the lost families and their children (that is the next generations) into his servitude in his dark kingdom, as young as possible. In other words, he marries them as soon as he can get a chance to. He can marry them through a legacy of ancestral worship, or through all kinds of rituals, witchcraft, idolatry, perversion, etc.

The fact remains, he knows how to secure destinies for himself. And instead of us, the Church, agreeing with God that every child (holy seed, already ordained in the womb) must be caught up with God, immediately as He comes out of the womb, instead we spend time on debates of doctrine. However, the time has come, the invitation has gone out. Church will you respond? His Kingdom has come, and the dawning of the Son is upon you. Will you work with God to secure the destinies of families and generations, of communities, cities and nations?

The video above, perfectly depicts what God the Father wants for His Son in this hour. God is ushering His church, the bride, to His beloved Son. And as the Church yields to this marriage, prophetic marriages are born, wombs are being redeemed, Holy seed is being born and generations are being saved.

To be continued …